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jamie townsend : SHADE

"Jamie Townsend's SHADE attends to 'lust, lost, friendship' with a rich, expressive desire for the 'solidarity of raw physical closeness,' for something 'beyond subjectivity.' These poems—at turns dark, disjunctive, fluid, and expansive—know the complicity and power in wanting, and also the necessity in insisting on personal longing and emotional life. This book is an effervescent and urgent soundtrack to the struggle towards 'a new life in honey after rent.'"—Alli Warren

"Jamie Townsend's SHADE is all torn pop-culture ligaments and mediated flesh, like early Cronenberg movies where the body itself is 'the not the body.' Activated and made real by pop songs like Lionel Ritchie's 'All Night Long,' and song-Events like Antony's cover of 'Crazy in Love,' flesh is now really and only 'the way we move tonight.'"—Masha Tupitsyn

Jamie Townsend is a writer and editor of various small means living all over the place, but most immediately in Oakland. With Nick DeBoer he co-curates Elderly, a way station of ebullience and disgust. SHADE is his first full-length collection.

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the millay colony
drunken boat
boog city